Climb Sigiriya

Climb Sigiriya

Discover King Kassapa's hideaway, perched on a rock among a lush forest. The 2 hr climb up the magnificent Sigiriya Rock Fortress leaves you breathless with its scenic views, explaining why the King picked this location to build his kingdom.

Adam's Peak

Expedition to Adam's Peak

The steep climb up Adam's Peak locally known as Sri Pada is a pilgrimage site for all four major religions in Sri Lanka. With a holy footstep placed at the top of the mountain, nature plays an epic sunrise from Dec-May from its peak.

Dolphins and Whales

Witness Dolphins and Whales

A diverse ocean wildlife awaits your discovery. During the months from Nov-Apr, stand a chance to see rare glimpses of blue whales, humpback whales, spinner and bottlenose dolphins and also turtles and flying fishes.


Into the Wild

From the illusive leopard to the nearly 250 butterfly species, Sri Lanka offers something for the wildlife enthusiast in all of us. Entice yourself in nature through guided safari tours and camp outs in national parks all year round.


Sun and Fun

Soak up the sun at pristine beaches and sway in a hammock relaxing during the most beautiful sunrises on the East Coast to the spectacular sunsets on the West Coast. Sip on your favourite drink or have some beach fun!

Elephant Gathering

Witness the Elephant Gathering

Witness "The Gathering", the largest migration of wild elephants at the ancient Minneriya Tank. Visit during the hot months of May-Sept to witness this remarkable gathering of herds over 300 strong.


Surfing the Coast

'SURF'S UP'! Have a care free time at these sharkless beaches, as you catch the best waves in South Asia. All year round, Sri Lanka offers surfable beaches at destinations around the paradise Island.

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting

Navigate the rapids and exhilarate your soul with some adventurous whitewater rafting! Pump up the adrenaline and take the plunge to explore Sri Lanka's many rivers.

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